Welcome to the website of composer Pete M Wyer

PETE M. WYER is an award winning composer from England. He has created scores for the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Juilliard, Welsh National Opera, BBC Television and the Royal Opera House. He has created eight operas and music theatre works. His numerous immersive audio installations (which can be found at www.iForest.org ) have received more than 500,000 visitors and have been installed at New York Botanical Gardens, Descanso Gardens, Brookfield Place and The Wild Center. In 2020 ‘The Sky Beneath Our Feet’, a choral installation featuring 9 choirs of 8 voices each, spread through the grounds at Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles, from April through September and the 24 speaker installation ‘I Walk Towards Myself’ ran at Manitoga, New York state, from July until October.

An ‘iForest’ Installation at The Wild Center, New York in 2017