The iForest


iFOREST logo for web use

The ”Immersive Forest Sound Installation’, nicknamed the ‘iForest’ for short, began as an arts project in 2005 when Pete was approached by Portsmouth University for the post of Research Fellow. The installation featured multiple iPods in a single room, each with separate content, playing parts created to experienced by walking through the space. The iForest has grown over the years to become an installation that co-ordinates specially created or adapted sound around space and may be indoor or outdoor but is ideally suited to a natural environment such as parkland where speakers may be concealed. However, the iForest can also be installed within an empty space, using stands for speakers.

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Sound Dispersed Across Woodland

Perhaps the easiest way to picture the iForest it is to imagine walking through a woodland filled with extraordinary and beautiful birdsong but instead of or as well as birdsong the sounds may be choirs, musical instruments, spoken word, found sounds or any combination of these. Each speaker is co-ordinated within the overall soundscape via specially created software. Sound can pass overhead, along the ground, at head height or in any combination of directions creating an extraordinary, magical, enveloping sensation of sound within a woodland or parkland environment. 

Creating Music and Sound Design for the iForest

Each iteration of the iForest is a site-specific response to the  environment in which it is installed, created by Pete M. Wyer.