Johnny’s Midnight Goggles

“The One, the Holy Grail of the Brighton Festival. magical, theatrical genius.”

– Brighton Magazine on Johnny’s Midnight Goggles.

A larger than life trilogy of works for actor-singers, conceived, written and composed by Pete M Wyer


Johnny’s Midnight Goggles

Brian, our piano playing protagonist, has travelled to the sleepy coastal town of Le Lavandou where, quietly minding his own business, he happens to spot The Black Camel of Takrilakastan and unwittingly unmask a dastardly plot to enslave humankind. His friend Johnny is kidnapped and only Brian can save him, but time is running out…..

Johnny’s Midnight Goggles was first performed as a one-man show, by cellist and baritone, Matthew Sharp in 2008 at the Brighton Festival as a SharpWire/Tete a Tete co-production supported by Brighton Festival and Caravan. It was subsequently developed into a larger theatrical work at the National Theatre Studio.

In the music that you can hear on this page, TV soap-opera star, Chesty LaRue, sings about the joys of French supermarkets. Sung by Evelyne Beech…

 Finkelstein’s Castle

Brian receives word that Johnny needs help. Taking the long journey to find his friend via the half-submerged Scottish village of Gallumphing-on-Twee he is guided by the somewhat sinister Mr. Blithe and Mr. Bonny who direct him to a creepy bone-white castle standing solitary out on the ocean. But when he arrives the incumbents of the castle, recently bought by a nice family from Upper East Side New York, the Finkelstein’s, initially claim not to know him. Brian gets the distinct sense he has stumbled onto a dastardly plot….

Brian And The Angel

Faced with an excruciating high pressure school reunion where, as former head boy, Brian will have to parade his non-achievements in a speech to his famously successful peers, Brian begins to have extravagant dreams in which he meets his unlikely guardian angel, Colin. As the dreaded day nears so Brian’s dream adventures become more and more elaborate and he begins to unmask the real life goings on of his peers. Meanwhile, messing with your dreams can really mess with your head….