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Romanmyst BBC Roman Mysteries

This absorbing BAFTA Award nominated children’s television drama follows four friends  as they struggle to live through one of history s most turbulent times. With many comparisons to the lives of youngsters today, they deal with issues of prejudice, violence and the environment wrapped up in riveting stories of mystery and suspense.  What lies at the heart of each episode, whether they are dealing with erupting volcanoes, assassins or plague, is the strength of their friendship. Based on the million-selling books by Caroline Lawrence, this lavish production stars Simon Callow (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Shakespeare In Love, A Room With A View) as Pliny.

Shell Trailer

Short film produced for Shell, 2008.




 Made In England.

A down and dirty feature length documentary, Made in England is a modern portrait of London, England.


Made in England is an observational character driven documentary that looks at the changing world of London, England. The film is set in a down and dirty illegitimate boxing club, squatting in a city council-owned building in a crime-ridden area of London. The gym is under political pressure to close its doors.

For the first time in the documentary world, this film reveals an honest and raw depiction of modern England and the people that call it home. A mix of illegal debt collectors and Gypsies who are willing to murder their own. Until now these characters have only been fictionalised by Guy Ritchie. Ultimately this documentary is a portrait of modern England.

Directed by Jedd Thomas. Produced by Jedd Thomas and Oscar Thomas.


 O2, London


 Tetley, London

Campaign for Tetley’s tea that featured a ‘bad’ Eurovision song titled ‘Rainbow Of My Love’

lightbox   Philips, New York

travelersLogo Travelers, New York

Siemens  Siemens, New York