Lohengrin Retold

The fable of Lohengrin retold from an eyewitness perspective. Hit the link to listen:


What happens if you combine an excerpt of Lohengrin, performed by WNO String Orchestra and conducted by Thomas Blunt, a group of schoolchildren, a composer and some local DJs? The result is Lohengrin Retold, an atmospheric reimagining of Wagner’s opera. Listen as a voice guides you through the dark and misty land of Brabant, where strains of the violin warn you of things otherworldly and shouts behind the city walls tell of unrest…

WNO worked with schools in Bristol and Birmingham to create Lohengrin Remixed. Pupils came to see performances of Wagner Dream and Lohengrin and gave their reactions to these operas and their stories. They then recreated Wagner’s fairytale-like opera, led by Composer Pete M Wyer, working with local DJs: DJ Switch, DJ Rackabeat and Josh Tucker.

Take a listen, enter the shadowy kingdom of Brabant and discover a whole new side to the story of Lohengrin.

Conceived, written and produced by Pete M. Wyer, Read by Roger Watson

Commissioned by Welsh National Opera 2012. Produced for Welsh National opera by Åsa Malmsten and Caroline Alford