‘Insomnia’ is Pete M Wyer’s immersive installation based on the work ‘Insomnia Poems’ which was recorded for BBC Radio 3’s ‘Jazz on 3’ in 2009 and selected for their ‘Best of 2009’. The one hour loop is remixed on 16 speakers: sound moves around a labarynth of continually changing chambers where the audience are invited to find their own journey through and in taking the journey, find themselves no longer spectators but become part of the insomnine world they navigate.

Insomnia Poems features the poems of Steve Dalachinsky; Steve reads and performs to a mysterious semi-improvised score by Pete M. Wyer that moves through, above and below a space of endless labarynthine chambers, navigated by an audience that must choose their own path through a twilit insomnine world where the surreal and the mundane, the real and the imagined are intertwined and indistinguishable.


‘A Labyrinth of Endless Chambers’ 

The space is divided by a grid of numerous strips of scrim that hang floor to ceiling, creating a labyrinth of chambers that continually change in nature as lighting and projection change. Each chamber can be entered and exited from any direction. Worlds emerge, transform and disappear.

Worlds emerge, transform and disappear.

An Immersive Score

The score is remixed onto numerous speakers that are above, below and throughout the space, similar to the array shown in the animation below. Sounds appear and dissipate and move around the space – as the voice of the poet guides us through the insomnia world

Worlds emerge, transform and disappear
Steve Bridge_0002
Pete M Wyer and Steve Dalachinsky together in Paris, 2008

The Insomnine World

During the one-hour loop of ‘Insomnia’ the space, subdivided into endless chambers, continually shifts and morphs as the voice of the poet takes the audience deeper and deeper into the world of Insomnia.

Insomnia Poems features: Steve Dalachinsky, reader, Evelyne Beech, voice, Mike Cross, laptop and vibes, Chris Cundy, bass and contrabass clarinet and saxes, Robert Perry, bass, Pete M Wyer, guitar, piano, found and manipulated sounds, pre-programming