Miller Rothlein Dance Theatre

A collaboration with Miro Dance Theatre, Philadelphia

Pete is a longstanding collaborator with Miro Dance Theatre in Philadelphia, his most recent work with them, in January 2009 was Spooky Action:
Any time two entities interact they entangle.  It doesn’t matter if they are photons (bits of light), atoms (bits of matter), or bigger things made of atoms- like people.  The entanglement persists no matter how far these entities separate, as long as they don’t subsequently interact with anything else- a difficult task for people. But the motions of subatomic particles are dominated by entanglement.  It starts when they interact; in doing so they lose their separate existence. No matter how far they move apart, if one is tweaked, measured, observed, the other seems to instantly respond; even if the whole world now lies between them.  No one knows how this happens. Albert Einstein referred to this odd but somehow romantic phenomenon of physics as “spooky action at a distance.” Miro explored this “spooky action” and the way in which lives-like particles-can become enigmatically entangled.